Are you concerned about your child’s school performance?

//Are you concerned about your child’s school performance?

Are you concerned about your child’s school performance?

 Handwriting and fine motor skills are absolutely essential skills which children must develop in order to maximize potential at school and at home.  Often, fine motor issues are not identified until a child enters kindergarten.  If not addressed, fine motor issues can negatively affect many aspects of a child’s day to day life.

 Both parents and children become frustrated as fine motor concerns are identified and solutions are not provided.  Schools do not have adequate resources to offer the extra support needed to enhance these skills.

An Occupational Therapist working with children is able to address many issues related to fine motor skills from dressing to handwriting, shoe tying to typing, strength to endurance as well as more global issues related to sensory processing, visual motor and core stability.  Research has demonstrated a very high correlation between children with sensory processing disorders and children with a delay in fine motor skills.

Fine motor skills are foundational tools, that when addressed early will lead to future success and confidence at school.  Referring a child to Butterfly for an Occupational Therapy assessment will help to identify the child’s specific needs.  The Occupational Therapist can determine the best course of treatment and offer suggestions to be implemented at home and at school.

Butterfly Paediatric Therapy can help.   Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns, or to book an initial assessment. FYI – Butterfly will be running fine motor groups in the spring and summer! (905) 206 0300 or email us at

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