Upper Body Strengthening in FUN ways

//Upper Body Strengthening in FUN ways

Upper Body Strengthening in FUN ways

At Butterfly Paediatric Therapy we pride ourselves on being fun and inventive in the way that we help kids build muscle strength, muscle endurance, work on coordination and fine/gross motor confidence. Our occupational therapists specialize in helping children overcome fine motor challenges by improving their ability to use both hands together in a functional way, work on body awareness and proprioception, enhance children’s ability to be involved in play based activities, participate in new skills that are important to them and help them to develop visual motor integration.

This cute photo (below) is of one of our clients climbing up our rock wall. Climbing up the rock wall helps to build upper body strength, cross body coordination, fine/gross motor confidence, motor planning skills and executive functioning ability.

Smiles all around 🙂

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