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Feeding Frenzy – Parent Education Workshop at Butterfly

Feeding Frenzy – Parent Education Workshop at Butterfly

Feeding Frenzy!

Are meal times stressful for you or your child? Do you have a “Problem Feeder” in the family?

The Occupational Therapists at Butterfly are hosting a parent education workshop for families with “Problem Feeders”.  This workshop is for caregivers who are involved in mealtimes with problem feeders, and is appropriate for children who:

  •  Over 6 months of age
  • Can swallow safely
  • Are ready to transition to solids (or have already transitioned to solids)
  • Are more than just picky eaters!

How do you know if your child is a picky eater or a problem eater??

Picky Eater       

  • Eats at least one food from most food texture groups. Eg. Crunchy, chewy, mushy. May not like a variety of food in each group
  • Can manage new food on their plate and will try a new food with encouragement
  • If a child gets tired of a particular food, it can eventually be reintroduced


Problem Eater

  • Eats less than 20 foods
  • Progressively phases out foods until their diet becomes extremely limited
  • Gags or vomits when eating certain foods
  • Refuses particular food textures and colours
  • Can’t tolerate being around people eating foods they don’t like


How Occupational Therapy can help:

Butterfly OT services for feeding can include:

  • Food transitions (textures, solids, etc.)
  • Sensory
  • Behavioural/Social
  • Oral Motor
  • Food chaining
  • SOS Approach


How you can help:

In preparation for the workshop, start a food journal to track your child’s eating behaviour and bring your observations to the workshop.


Workshop Details:

Date: Thursday May 2nd, 7 – 9 pm

Cost: $10

How to register:

Please call 905-206-0300

or email: info@butterflytherapy.com

to reserve your spot. Space is limited!


What will be covered?

  • Reasons for feeding problems
  • Occupational Therapy approaches to feeding development
  • Strategies to use at home
  • Q and A with Occupational Therapists

If your child has feeding issues and you can not attend the workshop, or your struggles are different from the Problem Feeders being addressed at the workshop, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an initial assessment with one of our fabulous Occupational Therapists!

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