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Toileting/Dressing – Self-Care

Toileting/Dressing – Self-Care 2019-01-09T20:43:55+00:00

Self-care activities include activities of daily living (ADLs) such as feeding, toileting, dressing and hygiene which are considered precursors to many other school and life skills. Self-help routines require children to plan, sequence, organize, and physically execute a series of activities. Children develop independence with these skills as they mature.

Is your child a very picky eater? Are they dependent on you to help them brush their teeth, get dressed, or use the washroom? Do they wait for help from an adult for self-help tasks their peers can do?

If your child is not progressing with skills related to the following areas, it is best to seek help early to determine ways to support them in developing their independence.

  • Feeding
  • Toileting
  • Dressing
  • Grooming & Hygiene
  • Sleeping

If not addressed, poor habits may develop which may inhibit children from learning new skills. Children may also become reliant on others, lack self-esteem, and be reluctant to participate in other academic or life skills also requiring sequencing. This can impact their transition into pre-school and kindergarten or their participation in their community.

What can we do?

Our Occupational Therapists will assess whether your child’s participation in self-care activities is age appropriate. There are many underlying skills which are required for a child to successfully complete self-care independently. Task analysis can be used to determine specific areas where your child may require support to develop the skills needed to improve independence. Our Occupational Therapists will also consider factors related to your child’s skills, their environments, and the task itself to provide appropriate recommendations and potential treatment options.

Why Butterfly?

We understand that each family’s situation is unique and will work with you to prioritize what is important for you and your child. We believe in using a strengths-based approach which enables families to recognize and use their strengths and their child’s strengths to achieve outcomes together. Developing independence with self-care tasks requires an individualized, holistic approach for each child and situation. We want to partner with you to achieve meaningful outcomes with the time and resources that you have. We can work directly with your child to teach skills and routines, provide strategies to motivate their participation, or coach you on how to identify and work towards next steps.

To book an assessment or for more information on Self Care please email or call us at 905-206-0300.