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Language Delays and Disorders

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What are Language Delays?

Language delays occur when a child’s language abilities are developing at a slower rate than children their age. Children can be delayed in their understanding of language (receptive delay) and/or their use of language (expressive delay).

What are Language Disorders?

Language disorders are persistent difficulties in acquisition and use of language due to difficulties with comprehension and/or use of language. Language disorders may persist across the entire lifetime. The severity and symptoms can change as a result of learning and therapy.

Signs and symptoms of language delays and disorders

  • Difficulty answering questions or understanding basic concepts
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Late to start talking or to start combining words together
  • Low vocabulary
  • Difficulty formulating sentences or getting their message across
  • Difficulty sequencing or retelling stories
  • Incorrect use of grammar
  • Trouble with reading, writing, or spelling


Risk factors for language delays and disorders include: family history of speech and language difficulties, low birth weight, and premature birth. The prevalence of language delays and disorders is greater in boys than in girls.


Our Speech-Language Pathologists can assess whether your child is meeting language developmental milestones. Both informal and formal assessment measures can be used to assess their understanding and use of language.

Treatment at Butterfly

After assessment, a treatment plan is developed that is specific to your child’s needs. Parents will be taught strategies they can use at home to promote language development. Parent coaching and play-based therapy are big components of therapy at Butterfly, especially for our younger population.

To book an assessment or for more information on Language Delays and Disorders please email or call us at 905-206-0300.