Our Team

Michelle Hand and Keiri Porter, the owners of Butterfly Paediatric Therapy Inc., are Physiotherapists with a combined 45+ years experience in paediatrics, working in the community, at Children’s Treatment Centres, and in private practice.

While their focus and education have gone in slightly different directions, their treatment philosophies, passions and goals are similar. Butterfly’s vision is to be the #1 paediatric therapy service provider in the GTA, providing families with specialized care for their children.

Whether your child has special needs, an orthopaedic injury, sensory processing difficulties, fine motor delays and handwriting difficulties, feeding issues, challenges with school performance or a communication disorder, Butterfly’s multidisciplinary team of therapists will work one-on-one with your child to enhance performance, increase independence and decrease frustrations.

Butterfly’s goal is to increase access to care, provide a convenient location for families and offer multidisciplinary services in one central location. Butterfly is an environment designed specifically for children to be fun and motivating while also being therapeutic.


Michelle Hand

Physiotherapist – Clinic Owner

Mississauga and Burlington

Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Michelle HandMichelle’s interest in working with children started at a young age. Her first job was as a downhill ski instructor, and for 11 years she coached ski racing for children aged 6 to 12 years old. Michelle’s interest in the body and physical fitness led her to an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and then naturally to a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy. It was always Michelle’s goal to open her own clinic.

Working with children with special needs became a passion for Michelle when she was in school for Physiotherapy and inspired her to start her career at ErinoakKids Children’s Treatment Centre. Michelle’s skills as a therapist include Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME Level 3), Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT), functional strength and exercise, Kinesiotaping and gait training. Michelle believes in a hands-on treatment approach, and sees the potential in every child she works with, challenging them to be the best that they can be!

Opening Butterfly Paediatric Therapy with Keiri Porter was the most challenging and exciting thing Michelle has ever accomplished. Working with children of all abilities, in an environment that is created for them to thrive, is what gets Michelle out of bed every day. As a business owner and mentor, Michelle is looking forward to sharing her experiences and knowledge with the wonderful staff around her at Butterfly Paediatric Therapy in hopes of growing the business and helping more children spread their wings!

Learn More About Michelle:

  • If Michelle could teleport anywhere in the world, she would go to the French Polynesian Islands.
  • If Michelle had an elephant, she would have a water fight with it!
  • Michelle is embarrassed to admit that the movie Jaws scares her.

Keiri Porter

Physiotherapist – Clinic Owner

Mississauga and Burlington

Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Keiri PorterWhen Keiri was first interested in being a physiotherapist she was passionate about anatomy, and loved teaching. With increased experience and a few opportunities to see children, Keiri realized how inspiring and empowering it was to use play as a tool to make therapy fun and result in functional change. As her education and career progressed, she was consistently drawn in by making meaningful physical change and creating connections with children and their families.

Keiri enjoys treating using a very hands-on approach – sometimes trying things that might fail, and being pleasantly surprised with the response. She likes to challenge the kids and then give the families ideas and tools to be involved and push their kids without it seeming like therapy. Keiri is amazed by the children that she treats every day!

The decision to start Butterfly Paediatric Therapy with Michelle Hand was a work in progress over a few years, one that comes with no regrets. Having the business actually allows Keiri to treat kids on a regular basis, to make change, to impact families, to work alongside an amazing friend and therapists everyday, and now – going back to her original passion – to teach and mentor others.

Over her career she has found that what works best for her is an eclectic approach. Having different options and therapy approaches depending on the needs or sometimes even the moods of the child provides for more meaningful change. Keiri has taken her 8 week Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT), has her Level 3 Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME), Paediatric Kinesiotaping, Functional Strength Training, Pilates for Neurological Impairments, Body Weight Support Treadmill Training and draws on these to create fun and functional treatment sessions.

Fun Facts About Keiri:

  • If Keiri could be any animal, she would be an otter!
  • If Keiri could only eat one food for the rest of her life it would be macaroni and cheese.
  • If Keiri had a movie about her life, Anna Kendrick would play her role.

Lisa Guidoni

PT Clinical Lead


Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Lisa GuidoniLisa is an experienced clinician who enjoys working with children of all ages and abilities, and her passion for helping her clients reach their functional goals shines through during each one of her treatment sessions.

Lisa grew up playing competitive hockey, and as a result became fascinated by the human body’s ability to move, adapt and repair. This fascination led her to complete both an undergraduate Honours Bachelor of Science Kinesiology degree, as well as a Master’s of Physiotherapy degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Since this time, she has completed her Level 1 and 2 Cueves Medek Exercises (CME) practitioner certifications. She has also taken continuing education courses related to infantile torticollis and plagiocephaly, infant and toddler motor development, paediatric scoliosis, pain in paediatrics and musculoskeletal soft tissue release. Most recently she has undergone further learning related to the assessment and treatment of concussions, taught by Shannon McGuire of Concussion Rehab Works Inc. Lisa is always seeking new opportunities to further her knowledge in order to provide effective care to her clients.

Lisa’s interest in paediatrics stems from her previous experiences both as a Summer Camp Counsellor and as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist where she worked with youth athletes of various ages and skill levels to help improve their performance in sport. Lisa continues to find joy in the paediatric population now working with infants, toddlers, children and adolescents on a daily basis. She has experience working with children with both neurological or genetic conditions, as well as musculoskeletal or orthopedic conditions. She loves coming to the clinic every day to see the smiling faces of her clients, while they work towards reaching their goals.

When not treating clients, Lisa has taken on a leadership role at Butterfly Paediatric Therapy, helping to mentor our physiotherapists and set them up for success. She continues to assist with the growth and function of our clinics on a daily basis to ensure families feel welcome and comfortable in our space as they enter the doors. Lisa enjoys spending time in the community making connections with other healthcare providers as well as educating families on our services and the importance of paediatric care.

Let’s Get to Know Lisa:

  • If Lisa could teleport anywhere in the world, she would go to Hawaii.
  • If Lisa was on a deserted island and her needs were met, she would bring a bicycle to explore and a boat to leave when she’s ready.
  • If Lisa was a celebrity, she would be famous for her organizational skills – she loves a clean pantry!

Nikhita Badiani



Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Nikhita BadianiNikhita is a bubbly and outgoing therapist who strives to create a meaningful and engaging therapy experience that makes kids excited to come to physiotherapy!

She graduated from Western University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. During her time at Western, she discovered her passion for strength training and the complexities of human movement. Her aspirations to work with children and infants along with her interest in physical development led her to discover the role of a physiotherapist in the paediatric population. She pursued her Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto, and has been practicing with the paediatric population since graduating in 2020.

Over the course of her career, Nikhita has witnessed the importance of early physiotherapy intervention on the development of infants and children. Nikhita’s skills as a therapist include Cuevas Medek Exercises (Level 1), and functional strength and exercise. She has a passion for strength training, so she loves to find innovative and fun ways to incorporate weight lifting in her treatment sessions. She uses a holistic approach to assessment and treatment, and enjoys the challenge of implementing creativity into her sessions.

Nice Things to Know About Nikhita:

  • If Nikhita could be any animal, she would be a monkey. Monkeys are very social animals, just like her. They work well in a team, are resourceful and intelligent. They are also very cute!
  • The cartoon character that is most like Nikhita is Princess Tiana from The Princess and The Frog. She is practical, often pays attention to detail, and enjoys celebrating traditions, just like Princess Tiana. She is also very loyal to her friends and family, and Nikhita very much values her relationships with loved ones.
  • Nikhita’s silliest and rarest talent is Paint By Numbers. She has always been creative, and thinks she is pretty good at painting, creative design, and decorating.

Cassandra Bodrucky

Physiotherapy Resident


Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Cassandra BodruckyCassandra is a passionate, energetic, and outgoing therapist who strives to make physiotherapy fun and engaging for all kids. Cassandra developed a love for exercise, health, and wellness at a young age through skiing, gymnastics, dance, wrestling, and baseball. Her involvement in sports sparked a keen interest in the body, human movement, and injury management, leading her to complete a Diploma in Physiotherapy Assistant at Humber College. During that time, a clinical placement where she helped empower children to reach their goals and achieve milestones sparked her interest in paediatrics. The clinical experience gained through her placements led her to complete her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at Lakehead University before pursuing a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Science, followed by a Master of Science in Physical Therapy at Queen’s University.

During her time in the physical therapy program, she pursued opportunities to gain more clinical experience in paediatrics. Cassandra has worked with paediatric clients throughout multiple settings including remote northern communities such as with the company Firefly in Red Lake, Ontario. She gained clinical experience in assessing and developing creative treatment sessions for children with various common conditions and feels that being a part of life-changing treatment is incredibly rewarding.

Cassandra is motivated and excited to continue to increase her knowledge through continuing education programs to deliver the highest possible care to children. She has already completed courses in Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT), toe walking, and vestibular treatment. She is excited to join the Butterfly Paediatric Therapy team and help children reach their maximum potential through play-based physiotherapy sessions.

Question and Answer with Cassandra:

  • If Cassandra could have a superpower, it would be teleportation.
  • If Cassandra was on a deserted island and her needs were met, she would bring a book and a stand-up paddle board.
  • If Cassandra was a celebrity, she would be famous for motivational speaking.

Emily Lund



Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Emily LundEmily is a fun and energetic therapist who is motivated to make physio fun for all kids… you might even catch her dancing and singing in the clinic to keep your little one happy! Her passion for anatomy, movement and rehabilitation began with her experience growing up as a competitive horseback rider. She was exposed to physiotherapy when recovering from her own injuries but she also had the unique experience to participate in her horses’ physiotherapy and saw the positive impact that it had. This led Emily to pursue her Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto after completing her Bachelor of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa. Now, Emily is combining her passion for movement and rehabilitation with her love for working with kids!

Her interest in working with children sparked her desire to pursue a clinical internship at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital working on the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team. Throughout her academic and professional experiences, Emily has gained valuable skills in assessing children’s gross motor development, implementing fun and engaging treatments, and working collaboratively with children and their families to help them reach their goals. Throughout her clinical experience, Emily has also gained experience treating various neurological conditions and has a special interest in neurological rehabilitation.

Emily has completed further continuing education courses related to infant and toddler gross motor development, infantile torticollis and plagiocephaly, and concussion management. She is also a certified Level 1 Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME) practitioner. She plans to complete further CME certification and courses in Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT).

Exciting Facts About Emily:

  • Emily is embarrassed to admit that the movie Moana scares her, particularly when Moana and Pua get stuck in the water!
  • The cartoon character that is most like Emily is Rapunzel from Tangled. She has long blonde hair, but more importantly she is spunky, determined, curious, independent, clever, and stubborn. She is always looking to experience new things even if it means stepping outside of her comfort zone. Her best friend is an animal (her dog), and Rapunzel’s is Pascal (a chameleon).
  • If Emily could live in any country, she would live in Norway.

Elina Provad



Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Elina ProvadFrom a young age, Elina has been fascinated by the human body’s ability to adapt and react, and was intrigued by the concept of exercise as medicine. This led her to complete her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto, following the successful completion of her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at McMaster University, determined to pursue a career in paediatric physiotherapy. Elina’s passion for physiotherapy lies in watching her clients transform into more independent and confident versions of themselves.

To further her learning, Elina completed an internship at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital on the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team. There, she had the opportunity to deliver creative and engaging treatments to kids with varying brain injury diagnoses. She also completed an internship at a private paediatric clinic, where she prepared and delivered engaging play-based physiotherapy interventions for clients with gross motor/developmental milestone delays, gait abnormalities, torticollis, plagiocephaly, and a variety of other conditions.

Elina’s treatment style is straightforward and honest. She uses humour and empathy to guide her clients to achieve their and their families’ therapeutic goals. Showcasing her commitment to life-long learning, Elina is currently a doctoral student in Rehabilitation Sciences at KITE-Toronto Rehab-University Health Network, with a collaborative specialization in Neurosciences, at the University of Toronto. Her research involves studying balance and mobility in children and adults with non-neurodegenerative conditions, such as cerebral palsy.

Learning About Elina:

  • One thing that Elina could not live without is Ginger Ale.
  • If Elina could live in any country, she would live in Switzerland.
  • Elina’s hidden talent is that she used to be a competitive ballroom dancer, and even performed half-time shows on Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. These days she is far too shy to dance in front of others!

Sandy Tung



Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Sandy TungSandy has always been fascinated and interested in the science and movement of the human body which steered her to choosing physiotherapy as a career. She was interested in sports science but during her training she was exposed to working with babies and children with medical, surgical, orthopedic, neurological and genetic conditions in a variety of different settings which changed the trajectory of her career path. It was very rewarding and Sandy quickly found that her interest and passion was being directed towards paediatrics with a special interest in paediatric neurology.

In order to pursue her career in paediatrics and to have a well-rounded approach, Sandy’s continuing education includes being trained in Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT), Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME) Level I and II, paediatric kinesiotaping, core stability, infant mental health, early intervention, Task Specific Electrical Stimulation (TASES), General Movement Assessment certification and Certified Infant Massage Instructor by the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).

Sandy is constantly seeking new ways and approaches to helping and treating the babies and children who are in her care in order for them to be the best that they can be.

What May Surprise You About Sandy:

  • If Sandy could have a superpower, it would be to have photographic memory.
  • One thing that Sandy could not live without is chocolate.
  • Sandy’s hidden talent is that she can sing!

Jessie Young



Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Jessie YoungJessie is a passionate therapist who finds creative ways to make sessions fun and engaging for kids! She has known that she wanted to pursue a career in physiotherapy ever since she broke her arm at the age of 14 years old and needed surgery for it to heal. Now, she is inspired to help children achieve meaningful physical changes in the same way that her physiotherapist helped her in the past. She held previous positions as a summer camp counsellor, a youth basketball coach and a children’s hospital volunteer, and in each of these roles she gained experience helping kids reach their maximum potential in sports and in everyday life.

She graduated with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy (MScPT) degree from the University of Toronto in 2022. During her time in the program, she remained eager to work with children as she had paediatric internships at SickKids Hospital and at ErinoakKids Children’s Treatment Centre. In these internships, she gained clinical experience while treating a number of different conditions including: torticollis, plagiocephaly, limb length discrepancy, brachial plexus injury, developmental delay, and cerebral palsy. Jessie is motivated to continue increasing her knowledge of paediatric physiotherapy through continuing education programs, so that she can deliver the highest possible quality of care to kids who come for treatment at Butterfly Paediatric Therapy!

More About Jessie:

  • If Jessie could only eat one food for the rest of her life it would be pizza so that she could still get lots of variety with different toppings.
  • If Jessie had an elephant, she would search the Earth for a witch or wizard who could cast a spell to make her elephant fly like Dumbo!
  • The song that best describes Jessie is The Heart of Life by John Mayer. She loves John Mayer, and the song is about how life has its ups and downs but love from friends and family makes everything turn out well in the end.

Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapist – OT Clinical Lead


Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Taylor D'SouzaTaylor received her Masters degree in Occupational Therapy from The University of Toronto after completing her undergraduate degree in Biology at Wilfrid Laurier University. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, Taylor took a year off and completed training in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) for children with Autism. She then worked as an ABA Therapist for one year until she was accepted into the occupational therapy program at UofT. Working as an ABA Therapist, Taylor realized that her passion was to work with children and their families.

During her Masters, Taylor had the opportunity to have a clinical placement at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation in the Communication and Writing Aids program, as well as in the Neuromuscular Clinic. Taylor also had the opportunity to learn about the role of an occupational therapist during an international clinical placement in Port of Spain, Trinidad. She worked at a school for children with special needs, where she was able to become the most creative during treatment sessions with her kiddos.

Taylor is always interested in learning about new treatment approaches! She has completed courses and workshops in the following: Kim Barthel’s Eating and Feeding Matters, Sensory processing and sensory interventions for children, Introduction into the CO-OP approach, ASIST and most recently Dr. Kay Toomey’s Sequential-Oral-Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding 

Some fun facts about Taylor:

  • A Disney character that is most like Taylor is Winnie the Pooh because she loves to eat.
  • If Taylor could live in any country in the world, she would live in France!
  • The one thing Taylor cannot live without is her family.


Occupational Therapist


Emma is an enthusiastic new occupational therapy graduate excited to develop her Occupational Therapy skills with the clients at Butterfly Pediatric Therapy!

Emma completed her undergraduate degree at Brock University in Child and Youth Studies. After completing her undergraduate degree, Emma continued to Western University to pursue a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. Emma has a passion for working with children helping them learn new skills and achieving their goals. Emma has a strong background and passion for gymnastics and continues to pursue this passion through coaching athletes in the competitive program.

During her Master’s degree, Emma had opportunities to develop her knowledge with the pediatric populations during her clinical placements at the Thames Valley Children’s Centre in the Early Years program and at Pathways Health Centre for Children in School Based Rehabilitation Services. Emma values the opportunity to work with families and children being a part of their occupational therapy journey through creating fun, engaging sessions.

Through clinical placements, and during her Master’s degree, Emma has developed knowledge of Handwriting without Tears, Cognitive Orientation to Daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) Approach, Solution-Focused Coaching, and interventions for fine motor and handwriting skills development.

When Emma is not working, Emma enjoys taking her dog for walks, doing puzzles, spending time with friends and family and doing gymnastics. Emma is excited to be a part of the team at Butterfly and being a part of making a meaningful difference in clients lives!

A few fun facts about Emma:

  • If Emma had a superpower, she would want to be able to fly
  • If Emma could eat only one food for the rest of her life, it would be pasta
  • If Emma were a celebrity, she would be famous for being a professional athlete.


Occupational Therapist


Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Elias SalameMr. Elias Salame holds a BSc in Occupational Therapy since 2004 from the Faculty of Public Health and a MSc in Neuropsychology since 2018 from the Faculty of Medical Sciences, both at the Lebanese University. He is certified in Sensory Integration from the University of Southern California, USA. He is also certified in the early childhood education curriculum High/Scope and in Cortical Visual Impairment, both from the USA as well.

He launched his career in 2004, in Kuwait, working in Paediatric Neurology initially at the Conductive Rehabilitation Institution, before moving to Hope School, where he was Lead Occupational Therapist for five years. He also worked in Community Based Rehabilitation with Palestinian and Syrian refugees, and his private practice furthermore covers adult neurology and elderly. Before moving to Canada, he was the Senior Occupational Therapist at the American Special Kids Clinic at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, AUBMC.

Throughout his 18 years of experience, he helped create, establish, and organize several OT departments, created and furnished various sensory rooms, attended numerous workshops, and participated as a speaker in national and international conferences. He has published one article about Screen Exposure and Autism and participated in another one about adaptation of RITA-T (Rapid Interactive Screening Test for Autism in Toddlers) for the Lebanese population. Between 2012 and 2021, he held the position of General Secretary of the Lebanese Occupational Therapy Association (LOTA) and is presently the WFOT delegate member of the Lebanese Occupational Therapists Syndicate (LOTS).

Get to know Elias:

  • If Elias could teleport to anywhere in the world, he would teleport to Thailand.
  • If Elias were to eat only one food for the rest of his life, he would eat Sushi.
  • If Elias were to be an animal, he would be a bird so he could fly!


Occupational Therapy Assistant


Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Kimberly HolliKimberly is a dynamic and vibrant therapy assistant who strives to optimize and empower children and youth through meaningful and family centered activities and skill acquisition.

Kimberly received her Occupational Therapy Assistant and Physiotherapy Assistant diploma from Centennial College after completing her undergraduate degree in International Relations and History with a minor in Political Science from York University, Glendon Campus. After working at a few summer camps for children with complex neurological conditions, Kimberly knew she had to pivot away from where her undergrad studies had taken her and find a way to work with children and their families full-time in opportunities that enables life-enhancing skills, self-esteem, confidence and above all, fun!

Kimberly dove headfirst into her passion and worked for the Geneva Centre for Autism in their Group Services stream supporting children, youth and adults with Autism. Kimberly had the opportunity to have clinical therapy assistant placements in a variety of settings including hospitals, fast-paced clinics, school-based care and children treatment centers around the GTA. In her spare time, you can find Kimberly exploring the great outdoors, visiting the Toronto Zoo any time she can get; spending time at her local Orange Theory Fitness classes and searching the world for the next best donuts!

Speech and Language Pathology


Speech Language Pathologist – SLP Clinical Lead


Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Lori O'KeefeLori is a passionate Speech – Language Pathologist who comes to us from the East Coast. After graduating from St. Thomas University in New Brunswick with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, she pursued her Masters of Clinician Science in Speech- Language Pathology at Western University.  Empowering and supporting families is important to Lori and she loves the opportunity Butterfly affords her to focus on this.

Lori is passionate about ensuring children have the absolute best start in life by utilizing their strengths to expand their communication skills. She enjoys working with children and their families and has experience in a number of areas including language development, social communication, stuttering, speech sound production and reading skills. Lori has a keen interest in motor speech difficulties and has taken a number of continuing education courses in this topic area in addition to being PROMPT certified. An avid reader, literacy is another passion of Lori’s and she is trained in the ‘ASCEND Smarter Intervention Structured Literacy Approach’ to help support struggling readers.

Get to know Lori:

  • If Lori could only eat one food for the rest of her life, it would be french fries! Extra fun fact: she grew up in the French Fry Capital of the World.
  • If Lori had to compare herself to a Disney character, it would be Rapunzel due to her long hair.
  • Lori is embarrassed to admit the movie “Scooby Doo Zombie Island” scares her, but her sisters agree!


Speech Language Pathologist


Marika is a Speech-Language Pathologist with an undergraduate degree from Laurentian University and a master’s degree from Western University, both in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. Marika has previous experience working as a school-based SLP, which helps her better understand the skills children need to succeed in school and how best to navigate the system of school supports. She is now loving working in private practice where she can spend more time focusing on each individual client and family, and working directly with parents and caregivers. Marika loves supporting autistic clients and their families and learning about each individual child’s unique interests, strengths and challenges. She has taken the “Meaningful Speech” course where she learned more about the “other” natural way of developing language (Gestalt Language Processing). She truly enjoys applying what she’s learned in this course to better understand her clients who learn in this way, and to help them continue to build on the language they have already acquired. Getting to know each child and their unique style of communication is one of Marika’s favourite things about working at Butterfly!

Fun Facts About Marika:

  • If Marika could have a super power, it would be teleportation! She has never been a fan of cars and highways and would love to never have to drive again.
  • If Marika was on a deserted island and her needs were met, she would also bring her cat Jiji (who she could never live without) and a hula hoop or aerial hoop.
  • If Marika was a celebrity, she would be famous for her aerial hoop skills.


Speech Language Pathologist – Media/Marketing Manager

Mississauga & Burlington

Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Jessica LeggettJessica received her Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology from Western University. She has had many opportunities throughout her studies and years at Butterfly to work with children of all ages with a variety of communication difficulties including: speech sound disorders (articulation), language delays, fluency disorders (stuttering), and motor speech disorders. Jessica’s passion especially lies within early language learning and articulation therapy! She also believes wholeheartedly in family-centred care. She is passionate about helping children find their way to successful communication and loves to watch each of her clients find their voice and spread their wings!

Get to know Jess:

  • If Jess could be an animal, she would be an octopus because she loves being in water, and octopi are extremely flexible and adaptable.
  • If Jess could only eat one food for the rest of her life it would be pasta! She loves carbs, especially pasta.
  • If Jess could live anywhere in the world, she would live in Slovenia! She was able to travel there recently and loved it so much, she would love to go back!


Communicative Disorders Assistant


Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Kelsey ArgueKelsey is a passionate Communicative Disorders Assistant. She received her undergraduate degree from Western University and completed her Communicative Disorders Assistant program at Durham College. Kelsey is dedicated to helping individuals improve their communication skills and overcome any difficulties they may have in expressing themselves or understanding others. Kelsey has experience working with children of all ages, who have experienced a wide range of communication challenges, including speech and language delays, articulation and motor speech disorders, and fluency disorders.

Get to know Kelsey:

  • Kelsey’s silliest talent is that she can fold her tongue into the shape of a clover! Only around 15% of people can do this!
  • Kelsey couldn’t live without her chapstick. Specifically, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (with Vitamin E & Peppermint)
  • Kelsey is most like Belle from Beauty and the Beast as she is constantly seeking new knowledge and opportunities like Bell, and she is not afraid to define what she believes in.


Communicative Disorders Assistant


Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Holly SmithHolly is a wonderful Communicative Disorder Assistant. She graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Language Sciences. She then pursued a post graduate certificate program in Communication Disorders from St. Lawrence College in Kingston. After graduating Holly worked in a private clinic where she had the pleasure of working with a large range of clients with varying levels of need and diagnosis. She then accepted a job in the Halton School Board where she worked with students with pragmatic goals as well as students on trials for AAC devices. Holly thoroughly enjoys working with children and youth and giving them chances to shine. The sessions she provides are always engaging and she works hard to incorporate the child’s interests to best foster generalization.

Fun Facts About Holly:

  • If Holly could be any animal, she would be a duck as they are a superior animal that can swim, fly and run!
  • Holly’s silliest and rarest talent is that she can peel a banana with her toes.
  • The song “Starlight” by Taylor Swift best describes Holly.

Client Experience




Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Riley ShippelRiley was first introduced to Butterfly at age 11, while accompanying a family whose children were receiving therapy at Butterfly. These visits in her early teen years inspired her to pursue an education in Kinesiology at Western University, which provided the foundation of education in healthy living practices. She enjoyed studying about the connection between exercise and nutrition to physical and mental health, and she continues to build upon this learning today. Having always loved being around children of all ages and varying needs, Riley spent many years volunteering at McMaster Children’s Hospital in the Child Life Unit and in school settings. She is happiest when supporting and learning from children. They keep her grounded and offer a perspective that often helps her make sense of the world around her.

When Riley isn’t spending her free time with friends and family, she is exploring the outdoors with her loveable corgi, Bunker.

She is excited to be a part of the Butterfly team, so that she can help support the amazing  therapists who are helping children reach their absolute full potential.

Get to Know Riley…

  • If Riley could teleport anywhere in the world, she would tour all of Europe in one go!
  • If she were on a deserted island but all needs were met, the two things she would bring would be her dog and a live band that takes song requests.
  • Her rarest and silliest talent is that she can nap anywhere.




Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - MiraMira is a Social Work student from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) and is looking to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy. Mira has been working towards her MScOT in Occupational Therapy since Grade 11 when she discovered the career. She felt that it strongly aligned with her own values and skills. She has always been eager to work with children and families to ensure they receive the best quality of care, particularly children with dis(Abilities) as she worked with Community Living Mississauga as a support worker in the summer so that she could make the environment fun and inclusive for all.

Mira has extensive administrative experience as she worked at a personal injury firm for over 3 years. She truly enjoys supporting communities and people to ensure their goals and needs are met.

In her spare time, Mira enjoys trying out new restaurants and going on bike rides with friends.

Mira is excited to be a part of the Butterfly Team, where she can develop and harness her skills to support children and families.

Get to Know Mira…

  • If Mira could be any animal, she would be a frog, so that she can chill on a lily pad all day.
  • If she could live anywhere, it would be in Switzerland!
  • If she could have superpowers, it would be to have telekinesis powers like in the movie Matilda!




Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Emmy St. KittsEmmy is our energetic and friendly Client Experience Coordinator at our Burlington location. Emmy graduated Humber College from the Legal Assistant program and has a background in both the Legal and Finance industry.

Emmy is thrilled to be part of the Butterfly team and is eager to learn, meet and support all the staff, kiddos and their families, while they work with their dedicated therapists to reach their individual goals.

As a mom of three boys, Emmy loves spending time with her kids and is passionate about exploring new places, foods, and sharing experiences as a family!

Get to Know Emmy…

  • If someone were to play Emmy’s role in a movie about her life, it would have to be Tiffany Hadish or Awkwafina.
  • The song that best describes Emmy, would be “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.
  • If she could choose to be a single age for the rest of her life- she wouldn’t choose! Emmy recognizes that each year, she has grown, learned and gained experience, and she doesn’t take this for granted (Even though her bones and muscles may beg to differ!).



Butterfly Paediatric Therapy - Mary ZiganteMary has been part of the Butterfly family for over 5 years and she is continually impressed by the genuine interest by all the therapists to not only help the children reach their full potential, but also for the support that the therapists provide to all members of these children’s families and to each other. The fun, innocent, and courageous spirit of the children that enter Butterfly is what helps Mary thrive in helping Butterfly run seamlessly.

In the five years at Butterfly, her position has changed to meet the needs of the clinic and she is currently the Financial Officer.

Mary enjoys staying active by hiking, gardening and weight training.  She loves the outdoors and will jump on an ATV or snowmobile the first chance she gets.  In her spare time, she enjoys cooking dishes from different parts of the world and traveling in order to learn about new cultures and traditions. She keeps her mind engaged by writing and by reading not only for personal pleasure but to learn new things in the world of tech, AI, finance and innovation.  Her goal is to use more of her time to volunteer at various organizations.

Get to Know Mary…

  • If Mary could eat any food for the rest of her life, it would be a very authentic Italian pasta with fresh tomato sauce, mushrooms and chicken (obviously with warm garlic bread on the side).
  • Mary’s hidden talent is karaoke!
  • The Disney character that Mary is most like, is the Fairy Godmother- she is always there to help people in their lives, often at times when they thought their problems could not be solved.

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