Toddler Gross Motor Skill Development

Throughout a toddler’s life, they will walk, run, go up and down stairs, jump, balance, learn ball skills, and gain strength. It’s an exciting time to see skills advancing and new skills emerging. However, these skills can sometimes be challenging for toddlers, and they may need some help developing these gross motor skills. All toddlers develop at their own pace, although there are typical timelines when specific skills develop and should be mastered. Our physiotherapists are here to help you and your child if you feel your toddler is falling behind or may be frustrated with learning a particular skill.

Butterfly’s physiotherapists are experienced at assessing and treating delays or difficulties with several gross motor skills that may include walking sideways or backwards, walking up or down stairs, running, skipping or hopping, jumping forward, sideways, or over obstacles, throwing, kicking, catching, or bouncing a ball.

At Butterfly, your physiotherapist will begin by performing a comprehensive assessment of your toddler. This assessment will include observation of posture and body alignment, range of motion, muscle strength and tone, functional movements, and current gross motor skills. Based on the assessment findings, your physiotherapist will identify strengths and areas for improvement to help facilitate gross motor development and create a personalized treatment plan for your toddler. Their treatment plan may include education, stretching and strengthening, balance training, skill practice, a home exercise program, and recommendations to best fit your toddler’s needs.

If you have concerns related to your toddler’s development or simply want their skills assessed by a trained professional, the team at Butterfly is here to help!

Why Butterfly?

We understand that your child’s gross motor skill development can cause concern, and it’s not always easy to know when or how to seek help. Our team at Butterfly is trained to assess, identify, and treat gross motor delays in toddlers. We recognize that every child is different and has unique needs, and we are here to help support you and your toddler through their gross motor skill development to help them reach their full potential and get them moving with confidence!

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