Early Language Learners

Language delays occur when a child’s language abilities are developing at a slower rate than children their age. Children can be delayed in their understanding of language (receptive delay) and/or their use of language (expressive delay).  Language disorders are persistent difficulties in acquisition and use of language due to difficulties with comprehension and/or use of language. Language disorders may persist across the entire lifetime. The severity and symptoms can change as a result of learning and therapy.

When should I be concerned about my child’s language?

Take a look at what typical language milestones look like for our early language learners:

By 12 Months

  • Uses 2-10 words
  • Follows instructions in context with gestures (i.e. holding out hand for “give me”)

By 18 Months

  • Uses 20-60 words
  • Starts putting 2 words together
  • Follows simple instructions without gestures
  • Answers some questions: yes/no, where, what’s this

By 2 Years

  • Uses 60-300 words
  • Uses 2 word combinations primarily
  • Starts asking WH questions (i.e. Where and What)
  • Follows 2 step directions
  • Answers WH questions (i.e. Where, What doing, What is, Who is, Can you)

By 3 years

  • Uses around 1000 words or more
  • Puts 3 or more words together consistently
  • Asks a variety of WH questions
  • Follows 3 step directions
  • Understands more complex WH questions (i.e. Who, What, Where)

Our Speech-Language Pathologists will assess whether your child is meeting their age appropriate language milestones through a play-based assessment. Both informal and formal assessment measures may be used to assess their understanding and use of language. If your child isn’t meeting any of the above criteria for their age, or has no words by 15-18 months, reach out for an assessment today!

Why Butterfly?

After the assessment, a treatment plan is developed that is specific to your child’s needs and skills. Parents will be taught language facilitation strategies that they can use at home to promote language development. Parent coaching and play-based learning are BIG components of speech therapy, especially for our younger population! Here at Butterfly, all of our therapists have experience treating early language learners and have participated in Hanen®’s “It Takes Two to Talk” workshops.

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