School Readiness

As your child grows, they will take on new roles or “occupations” in their lives including being a student, a friend or a team mate! Your child will be expected to follow directions, learn new routines, be flexible, adaptable, play with others and make friends. These roles are important for the development of their own identity and how they view themselves as an individual.

Does your child have difficulty following rules? Do they play alone most of the time? Do they have difficulty with change and transition?

What can we do?

Our Occupational Therapists can address concerns you may have in the following areas:

  • Following directions
  • Making friends
  • Participation in the community
  • Tolerating changes in routine
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Getting ready for school routine

At the time of the assessment our Occupational Therapists will observe and interact with your child to help identify which areas your child may require support for. They can help you to understand if there are foundational skills your child needs to acquire, or whether there are specific strategies for each situation. Our Occupational Therapists can identify whether there may be language or communication concerns, and we can connect you with our team of Speech-Language Pathologists.

Treatment may include direct teaching of skills, education for you and your child, sharing of resources, or recommendations for next steps. The DIR Floortime Approach® is one approach used to address this area of concern; it is a model used to coach parents in how to connect with their child through play to promote development.

Why Butterfly?

At Butterfly, we believe that every child wants the opportunity to connect with others, to make friends, and to be proud of themselves. We want to help others recognize the strengths that your child has and to be supportive and patient in helping them achieve success in new environments. When children have the opportunity to engage in their communities they see themselves as a valued individual.

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