Feeding is one of our most important “occupations” and plays a vital role in our basic survival. Feeding is a child’s ability to physically manage foods in their mouths (chewing, swallowing, eating), as well as their ability to participate in meal times (use utensils, try new foods, eating with others, enjoying food). Picky eating can be common for toddlers, however it is best to seek support to prevent any further challenges and to create a happier family meal time at home!

 Does your child eat less than 20 foods? Does your child eat the same food prepared the same way every day or meal? Is your child afraid of trying new foods? Are meal times stressful?

What Can We Do?

Our Occupational Therapists will determine whether your child’s participation in feeding activities is age appropriate, and if there are potential physical, sensory, cognitive, or other factors contributing to feeding challenges. Based on our assessment of your child’s needs, we may offer a treatment plan for feeding therapy in the clinic with your child or provide recommendations and next steps for your family at home and work in a consultative model.

Why Butterfly?

Our Occupational Therapists use a variety of treatment approaches that best suit your child’s feeding concerns.  We understand the importance of feeding within the context of a child’s environment; being part of family meal-time at home and eating with friends at school. With additional professional development courses and experiences, our Occupational Therapists provide direct feeding therapy, resources, and support to help you understand your child’s needs, and work together for your child to have a positive and healthy feeding experience!

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