The Six F-Words for Childhood Disability

Here at Butterfly Paediatric Therapy, we always want to ensure that our clients and their families feel our "family centered approach"; so we are constantly educating ourselves on how best to do this. As of the new year, we will be working to implement the "F-words in childhood disability" into each of our practices.


Plagiocephaly – Flat Heads in Infants Kasha Pyka, PT

Plagiocephaly - Flat Heads and Movement Preferences in Infants   Have you ever noticed a flat spot on your infant’s head? Or maybe you’ve started to see that they only look or roll to one side? Any of these attributes may relate to what is known as “plagiocephaly” (i.e. flattening of the skull). What is


Concussion from a Parent’s Perspective

Concussion – A Parent’s Perspective on not being prepared! Having two kids in sports that have high rates of concussions (hockey and cheer) and being a physiotherapist that works with children, you would think that I would have been better prepared when the inevitable happened and my hockey player had a concussion.  But I wasn’t


Concussion Management and Care at Butterfly

How do I know if my child has a concussion? Concussion symptoms are not always so easy to spot in children since it’s not something you can see, like a scraped knee. As such, signs and symptoms may take some time to manifest and look different in every child. Initially after any impact, hit, or


Do I have a concussion?? Blog post from CCMI

Do I have a concussion? A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury that causes a temporary disturbance in brain cells that can disrupt brain function. The injury is caused by an acceleration or deceleration of the brain that jars or shakes it inside the skull. This can cause a range of physical

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