The Six F-Words for Childhood Disability

Here at Butterfly Paediatric Therapy, we always want to ensure that our clients and their families feel our "family centered approach"; so we are constantly educating ourselves on how best to do this. As of the new year, we will be working to implement the "F-words in childhood disability" into each of our practices.


What is Concussion Baseline Testing? Blog by Lisa Guidoni, PT

What Is Concussion Baseline Testing? At Butterfly Paediatric Therapy, we believe that baseline concussion testing is a vital aspect of pre-season preparation for any athlete competing in sport. You may be asking, what is baseline testing? In short, baseline testing is a series of physical and cognitive tests that are used to measure HEALTHY brain


Plagiocephaly – Flat Heads in Infants Kasha Pyka, PT

Plagiocephaly - Flat Heads and Movement Preferences in Infants   Have you ever noticed a flat spot on your infant’s head? Or maybe you’ve started to see that they only look or roll to one side? Any of these attributes may relate to what is known as “plagiocephaly” (i.e. flattening of the skull). What is


Developmental Language Disorder: Hidden in Plain Sight, Jenna Haji, MHSc., S-LP(C) Speech-Language Pathologist

Developmental Language Disorder: Hidden in Plain Sight Have You Heard About Developmental Language Disorder? The recent government changes to the Ontario Autism Plan have sparked increased awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a condition characterized by difficulties with social skills, behaviour, speech, and nonverbal communication, that affects 1.5% of children and youth in Canada. Awareness


Are You Concerned About your Child’s Reading or Writing? Stephanie Allen, SLP

Are You Concerned About your Child’s Reading or Writing?  Does your child struggle with their literacy skills? Literacy refers to reading and writing skills including: phonological awareness (early literacy skills), decoding, reading fluency, spelling, writing, and reading comprehension. Why Do Children Struggle with Literacy? Children may have difficulty with literacy skills if they have speech

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